What is a Protimeter

Protimeter Moisture MetersProtimeter is a premium range of professional moisture measuring instruments.

Originally from Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Protimeter has been at the forefront of moisture meter design for over 40 years and has developed many of the technologies that are central to moisture measurement and dampness diagnosis within the built environment.

In 2001 Protimeter was acquired by the General Electric Company and became part of what is now the GE Measurement and Control business. This is a business that “sets best practice today and constantly explores solutions for tomorrow, all in an effort to keep their customers at the front edge of quality, safety, service and productivity”.

Protimeter = Higher Quality

Protimeter instruments are designed for professional use. They last longer, function better and provide a higher level of measuring confidence than many other products that are available. With a 2-year warranty the instruments are the best choice for demanding moisture measurement applications.

‘I have been involved with Protimeter for many years, and commonly customers comment on the superior quality of these instruments.’ comments Ian Guest, Marketing Manager, Survey Express Services. ‘We have found no other range of moisture meters that operate better than Protimeter and that last as long.’

Protimeter Range

Protimeter produce a range of devices that includes the simple Salts Analysis Test Kit, electronic moisture meters and hygrometer and the highly specialised Speedy Moisture Tester.

The entry level moisture meter is the Protimeter Mini, with two pin-electrodes and a colour coded LED scale. The Protimeter Aquant is a moisture detector that transmits radio waves for sub-surface moisture detection, without the need for drilling into the surface. The Protimeter Surveymaster combines the functionality of the Mini and Aquant into one instrument, enabling the user to distinguish surface from sub-surface moisture levels.

Environmental humidity and temperature levels can be measured by the Protimeter Hygromaster  thermohygrometer. This instrument also calculate the prevailing dewpoint temperature, and can be used with a surface temperature sensor for condensation risk assessment applications.

The Protimeter MMS2 (Moisture Measuring System) combines the functionality of the Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meter and the Hygromaster into one multi-functional moisture measurement tool. The Protimeter MMS2 is the logical choice for professionals that need to fully understand the moisture levels of the building itself and of the environment within the building.

The Protimeter Timbermaster is optimised for measuring moisture levels in wood specifically. It has eight user selectable calibration groups that enable more precise measurement in over 150 different wood species. When necessary, the Protimeter Timbermaster can also be used with a temperature probe for temperature correction and with a Hammer Electrode for sub-surface measurement.

The Salts Analysis Test Kit is used to assess relative levels of nitrates and chlorides on site when investigating the cause of dampness problems. High levels of hygroscopic salts contamination can affect moisture meter readings, so it is often necessary to test for their presence when diagnosing dampness problems in buildings. Additionally, high salts contamination can indicate problems associated with rising dampness, as they are present in ground water.

The Speedy Moisture Tester measures the moisture content of a sample of building material by chemical reaction in a vessel. It complements moisture meters and hygrometers, and is often used to measure material that may have been contaminated by conductors such as hygroscopic salts.