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Buying from a registered Protimeter dealer

GE Systems only supply Protimeters's through their dealer network.  They do not supply direct to customers only through their dealer network.  Property Perspective is a registered Protimeter Supplier / dealer and offer customer service that exceeds GE Systems required standards.  We can supply Protimeters's, offer technical support and advice, and manage Warranty replacements and repairs.

Property Perspective Ltd. are proud to offer an enhanced 2-year warranty package with all Protimeter Mini, Surveymaster, Aquant, Timbermaster, Hygromaster, Psyclone & MMS instruments.

As an authorised dealer with over 30-years experience supporting the Protimeter range, we feel that the quality of the product is second to none. The Protimeter brand has been built upon their reputation for quality, reliabilty and long lasting durability.

All Protimeters shipped with an extend 2-year warranty covering the main instrument, all accessories feature a 1-year warranty. This protects the important and most expensive parts of the instrument.

Protimeter Authorised Registered Dealer
Property Perspective Ltd. are an authorised registered dealer and offer customer service that exceeds required standards. All warranty and support is handled in-house with an unprecidented package, offering technical support, advice, Warranty replacements and repairs.

If at any time you would like advice, need technical support or have a question, simply telephone our customer support on 0800 292 2188.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

Property Perspective Limited strive to ensure our customers are satisfied with their Protimeter products purchased though us.  Where possible we offer the best advice and recommendations for the choice of product to meet our customers requirements.  We therefore offer a 28 day money back Guarantee and also offer customers an upgrade with in 28 days to a higher specification product in the Protimeter family, requiring the customer only to pay the difference in purchase price.

We welcome feedback on our service, as we constantly strive to provide improve our customer experience.  Any comments please contact us.

About Property Perspective

Property Perspective Limited offers services and products to property related industries.  We have extensive experience in using Protimeter's for our own work and services and can therefore offer practical advice and technical support grounded in experience and not just theory.

Property Perspective Limited

Property Perspective Ltd: Corunna Court, Corunna Way, Warwick, CV34 5HQ
Tel:  0800 292 2188   Fax: 01926 320 225
Reg number: 05523036    Vat reg number:  868 716 962

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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