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A selection of the latest guides and articles relating to our Protimeter range of moisture meters:

Why measure moisture in floors?

A guide detailing why it is important to measure the moisture of a concrete floor before laying a floor covering product.

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Dampness Measurement in Concrete Floors

A compressive guide detailing the reasons and affects of moisture in a concrete floor and how to check the moisture content.

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How to Guide - Measure ERH readings of concrete screeds

Instructions on how to measure the ERH of concrete screeds using the Protimeter Hygromaster & MMS. The instructions cover use with a humidity box and humidity sleeves.

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Installing Humidity Sleeves

Instructions on how to install humidity sleeves for checking moisture in floors.

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Moisture / Humidity Conversation Chart

Convert dew point, vapor pressure, relative humidity & PPM in weight / volume.

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Cleaning & Restoration of a property

A guide detailing the types of Protimeter moisture meter to use when detecting moisture in a property after water damage caused by a flood or fire.

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Wood Calibration Chart

A wood calibration chart for the Protimeter Timbermaster, covering 150 timber species. The calibration data in this table are based on standard tests by oven-drying of commercial samples of the various wood species, between 7% and fibre saturation.

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How to Measure Moisture in Buildings

Dampness is hazardous before you can see it. It is important to note that materials do not become visibly damp, and do not feel damp to the touch until they are quite dangerously damp. This guide provides advice on how to detect moisture.

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